Review of “Evil Dead: The Musical”

As you’re ushered into the theater (CNY Playhouse), take a moment to seriously consider if you dressed appropriately for this play and then, sit in the damned splatter zone anyway. Yeah, that’s right. A splatter zone. And that’s not the only gimmick that takes this prototypical camping trip to the ends of the definition of “bizarre,” but I mean that in the best way possible. Gun shots, strobe lights, buckets of blood and questionable taste make “Evil Dead: The Musical” a… memorable experience.

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“The Penguin Tango” preview Thursday

The Redhouse Arts Center presents “The Penguin Tango,” an original play from Artistic Director Stephen Svoboda. Check out all the info on our Events page.

By Redhouse:

In this side-splitting, screwball comedy, inspired by actual events at the Bremerhaven, Brooklyn, and Central Park Zoos, a community of penguins is hilariously turned upside down by sex, stereotypes, and soggy sardines. Broadway World called The Penguin Tango “… sweet, charming, winsome and utterly enjoyable.” Don’t miss the chance to see the play Backstage Magazine calls “…a parachute ride into an anthropomorphic amusement park.

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Redhouse Teaching Fellowship Program at Syracuse City Schools

hqdefault1 The Redhouse is partnering with the Syracuse City School District to provide enrichment using the arts as a new delivery model to teach science, english, math, and social studies subjects. Twelve teaching fellows, from across the country, use the arts to explore, reinforce, and apply math, science, language arts, and social studies through project based learning.

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